To Blog or not to Blog?



The moment has finally come…the day that I start blogging.  For people who know me this is really taking me out of my comfort zone, but to be able to grow we must do this sometimes.

It’s not that I don’t have a lot to say  but what has always puzzled me is “Why does anyone want to hear what I’ve got to say?!?”  Well apparently some of you do want to hear, so here goes.

comfort blog


I’m a professional interior and soft furnishing designer (aswell as a 40 something mum of four) and over the last 20 years have studied and worked within the Interior Design industry, it’s not a career but a way of life for my family and I. I don’t have a signature style as my clients are all individuals and their environments should reflect this . What I do like is  good quality products that are an investment and will last.   Everyone has a budget and a lifestyle requirements and as a designer I work within these boundaries.

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After my first child I decided to go back to college to study, this wasn’t a one off experience but one that I continue to pursue do to this day.  I love researching and learning new skills all of which compliments my personal and professional development.

Each blog I will try and give you an insight into the projects that I have worked on, trends happening within the interior design world  or perhaps show off a new fabric collection that has arrived in the studio.  I’m hoping that over the coming weeks  you will see it grow and blossom into a blog that YOU want to read….and if there’s something you’d liked me to write about just contact me and I will see what I can do.

I look forward to catching up with you soon.